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Logistics & warehousing


Pest control for multinational logistics companies

Stride's advanced solutions and services enable warehouse and logistics companies to ensure that goods, vehicles and buildings remain pest-free throughout the supply chain.

Stride has decades of experience working successfully with many of the world's largest logistics companies.

We proactively work with clients to provide the highest levels of risk management, assurance and responsiveness. Our advanced solutions and services are designed to help warehouse and logistics companies ensure that goods remain safe and sound throughout the supply chain, providing continuous protection and early detection of attacks.

24/7 year round protection

PestConnect is the industry’s most advanced connected pest control solution that keeps an eye on your premises 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and instantly alerts you of pest activity so you can act quickly and protect your high-risk stocks, high-risk locations and automated warehouses.

Keeping you in control

With our online pest management solution, you can easily access reports, data and analysis tools to support your audit and compliance at all your sites around the world, streamlining processes and saving you time.

Supporting cost control

Stride’s portfolio of pest control products and services are designed to: Protect your business efficiently Offer flexibility and cost-effectiveness Provide consistent pest control and service levels across your entire estate Help global businesses save money

Innovative solutions

Our customers can stay ahead of pest challenges with our pioneering and unique solutions. These include Stride Flexi Armour Dock, our innovative pest-proofing portfolio, industry-leading LED insect light traps, advanced fumigation services, and novel bird control solutions.