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Global yet local

Global leader in pest control and specialist disinfection services, serving diverse sectors such as Food processing, Logistics, Facilities Management and more..

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Digital pest control

we offers constant protection, With innovation in our DNA, we anticipate, resolve and report pest risks seamlessly.

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Our team

Our Team provides tailored services and a dedicated single point of contact, ensuring an effortless, consistent pest management experience across your estate.

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UAE’s leaders in Pest Control

As the UAE’s leaders in pest control and hygiene solutions, Stride brings expert, reliable and professional services to commercial customers all over the UAE. Abu Dhabi Waste Management Centre Tadweer approved Company License Number PMT-23-39291

Our Mission

Stride has been keeping people, homes, and businesses safe from the dangers of poor hygiene and pest-borne diseases. Our mission today is the same as it has always been to protect people and enhance lives.

We believe that innovation is a key factor to success. Our Experts provides our front-line colleagues with the tools and solutions they need to deliver differentiated pest control services. Stride is committed to sustainability and exploring the use of greener, non-toxic solutions, while continuing to offer our customers the high levels of pest protection their businesses need.


Business Sectors

Food processing

Pest control in the food industry involves implementing a comprehensive and proactive approach to prevent, detect, and eliminate pests.

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Facilities management

We offers facility management companies unique technical capability and leading levels of service to deliver efficient solutions for pest control.

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Logistics & warehousing

Warehouse pest control is important because pests can spread diseases that make employees sick and can render warehouses unsafe to work in.

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Pest control in hotels involves the use of techniques and methods to prevent, manage, and eliminate pests such as bed bugs, rodents, flies, ants, and...

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Make your office premises safe from Rats, Termites, Cockroaches & other pests with UAE's #1 Pest Management company Stride.

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Specializes in pest control for healthcare facilities, ensuring a sterile environment critical for patient health and safety.

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Certified Experience

As a premier pest control service in UAE, our commitment is to deliver absolute satisfaction and create a pest-free, stress-free environment for you. Our expertise encompasses a wide array of pest control services, including: Termite Control in UAE, Fly Control, General Disinfestation, Mosquito Control, Rat Control, Wood Borer Control, Cockroach Control, Bed Bugs Control, Snake Control, Honey Bee Removal Weed Control.