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Pest control for healthcare


Protecting the healthcare industry from pest infestations

Pests pose a perpetual threat to businesses operating in the healthcare sector, including hospitals and care homes. They have the potential to contaminate medical resources, equipment, and surfaces that require strict hygiene standards.

we understand the complex issues that healthcare organisations face. We provide the most advanced and comprehensive pest control solutions to help protect your premises from further risks. Our proactive, connected solution – PestConnect – uses the latest in pest control technology to monitor your site 24/7, ensure minimum disruption and reduce the use of toxic solutions near your staff, patients, food and medical supplies.

Innovative, 24/7 protection

We consistently strive to expand the limits of technical innovation and scientific advancements, offering you the most cutting-edge selection of IoT enabled, interconnected, effective, and eco-friendly solutions available in the market. Our primary goal is to guarantee the safety of both staff and patients.

A fully integrated and proven approach

Stride's approach to pest management is guided by a remarkably efficient Integrated Pest Control strategy tailored to meet your specific requirements, guaranteeing the safety and productivity of your hospital.

Vast experience of protecting healthcare companies

Stride possesses unparalleled expertise in delivering all-encompassing pest management solutions to hospitals. Our team is adept at customizing solutions that precisely cater to the stringent requirements of healthcare facilities worldwide.

A fully comprehensive service

We can cater to all your healthcare company's requirements, be it dependable maintenance services, prompt emergency response, employee training in pest protection, or expert field biologist inspections for audit programs. Rest assured, we are here to provide you with the necessary assistance.

Consistent standards

With an in-depth knowledge of all relevant laws, regulatory requirements and audit standards, we ensure high quality, consistent solutions across all your healthcare sites.