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Food Processing


Under the law, food business operators have the primary responsibility for food safety, ensuring that the materials and products supplied to them are safe and that their operations and products are safe for consumers. Food manufacturers must not only produce safe products, but must also be able to demonstrate to relevant authorities that their procedures, processes and facilities ensure food safety and comply with the law through management, controls, procedures and effective documentation.

This must begin with a commitment from senior management, as required by ISO 22000, accompanied by a “statement of fundamental intent”:

  • putting food safety as a business objective;
  • communicating to staff the requirement for food safety;
  • establishing a food safety policy,signed by the person with overall responsibility;
  • conducting regular reviews of safety;
  • allocating sufficient resources.

Adequate measures must be taken to ensure safety at all stages of the production process. This includes meeting a number of "essential requirements" set by the company that Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) must follow.